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Nick Sabia in the studio


Check out Nick's brand new single "Dark Country" 





Nick Sabia, a musical artisan with a deep-rooted love for nature and a penchant for sonic storytelling, weaves songs that resonate with emotion. Though young in years, Nick exudes the wisdom of an old soul, infusing his lyrics with reflections on the passage of time and cherished moments spent with family and friends.


A multi-instrumentalist since his high school days, he is an eclectic artist and songwriter.  His voice, a potent blend of strength and soothing grace, stands as a testament to his raw talent, while the seamless integration of instrumentation adds a layer of magic to his compositions.   He has added voice recordings of happy times with those close to him as a finishing touch to a special song.


On tracks like "Chattanooga," Nick invites listeners to escape into the embrace of nature.  Vivid imagery of a place Nick loves to spend time paints a picture of “ a place that’ll make your soul wild .“  "Two Friends" is a heartfelt ode to relationships, centered around those he has with his cousin and best friend. The lyrics delve into the essence of giving as a part of friendship “I’d give you everything I had. Don’t you know It’s just things anyway”  "Rollin" echoes the theme of time's relentless march, with Nick reflecting on his journey, embracing change, and moving past ghosts of the past to an uncharted future.


Hailing from Florida and Georgia, Nick Sabia now calls Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County) home, where he relocated to carve his niche in the musical realm. Adding production to his repertoire, he has seven years immersion in the music industry. Based at the renowned 17th Street Recording Studios, Nick wears many hats, contributing his expertise to various facets of music production. His unique approach to vocal production has earned him acclaim, and he has honed his craft alongside industry legends like Grammy winners Charlie Colin (Train) and Jeff Silbar (Fleetwood Mac, Alabama, Dolly Parton), Grammy nominee Ronnie King (Mariah Carey, Tupac, Snoop Dog), producer Lewis Richards (Dirty Heads), and iconic musicians such as Stan Frazier (Sugar Ray) and Lap Steel Legend Gary Brandin.


Nick Sabia's musical journey is a harmonious blend of nature's inspiration, timeless reflection, and a passion for his craft, making him a captivating force in the ever-evolving landscape of sound.


Nick is multi-talented singer/songwriter/vocal producer.  Check out his videos.

"Two Friends"

"Back East"

"Alone With You"


(Amy Winehouse cover)



Country, Americana, Singer-Songwriter

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